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Les Gloriettes 1: Pierre Labat and Sylvain Chauveau

25.04 - 29.04.2022
Le Corbusier water tower in Podensac, France

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaboration with "Les Gloriettes", an international residency program created by Emmanuelle Leblanc. Les Gloriettes located in Entre-Deux-Mers and South Gironde aims to be a platform for exchange and research, in curatorial and artistic explorations in a visual arts field.

As part of the launch of the 2022 program, we invited the artist duo Sylvain Chauveau and Pierre Labat for a cross-over artistic research residency. The first space of creation and research of the season will be centered on the water tower Le Corbusier of Podensac - the first building created by Le Corbusier in France.

During this several-day residency, the artists actively referenced the architecture and atmosphere of the space, transforming objects found around, producing stamps from them, or composing the sounds of this unique place. Their immersion in the Le Corbusier water tower of Podensac will be the context of the conception of a common form located between plastic work and sound creation.

About residents:

Sylvain Chauveau is a musician and author of sound installations and graphic scores. His compositions privilege minimalism, the softness of timbre, and long resonances and leave a place for silence. He has performed in concert at the MCA (Chicago), Serralves Foundation (Porto), Zorlu (Istanbul), Knitting Factory (New York), Lieu Unique (Nantes), P Festival (Taipei), festival Piano Fields (Moscow), TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht), Forum des Images (Paris), Western Front (Vancouver), LIFEM (London), or O-Nest (Tokyo).

Featured on the compilation XVI Reflections on Classical Music (2009, Decca / Universal) alongside Philip Glass, Gavin Bryars, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and Max Richter. Was an artist in residence at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto in 2011. He regularly composes soundtracks for films and choreographic performances. Sylvain Chauveau is also co-director of ensemble 0 ( He was born in 1971 in Bayonne (France) and lives in Brussels.

Pierre Labat was born in 1977 in Brittany. He graduated from the public art schools of Quimper and Strasbourg. Since 2001, he has been conducting intuitive research on the relationship between the body and a certain architecture. In 2009, after a residency at the art center of the Synagogue of Delme, he participated in a Module at the Palais de Tokyo. In 2011, he completed a residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, where he worked with a Japanese architect, Mr. Yokouchi, on the Japanese habitat and its close relationship with horizontality, and the concept of nature. There he met the musician Sylvain Chauveau.

Young curators have exhibited his work in France and abroad, such as in Freiburg, Vilnius, and Copenhagen. He was awarded a research and creation grant for a residency in Mexico, in Querétaro, in 2019. For the past six years, he has been running the exhibition/library Continuum in Bordeaux with Julie Chaffort, Laurent Kropf, Vincent Carlier, and Sébastien Vonier. Starting from a practice close to architecture and minimalism, the introduction of "neither poor nor rich" objects and notions of balance in his works resonate with his reading of the book "Wabi-sabi for artists, designers, poets & philosophers". The notions of impermanence and respect for the environment (in the broadest sense, place, spectator, the origin of the objects...) are re-shaped year after year.

Special thanks to The Groupe Des Cinq, owners and managers of the Le Corbusier water tower, for hosting this project.

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