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09/05/2008 - 29/05/2008

Doris Lasch & Ursula Ponn


Opening on Friday 9th of May, 6pm
Performance by Stefanie Seibold with Tara Casey
Film by Doris Lasch / Ursula Ponn (8 Super8 Projections, Documentation, 1997, 11:50 min)

Finissage on May 29th


Thursday 29th of May, 6pm

Performance by Stefanie Seibold and Tara Casey

Installation by Stefanie Seibold and Doris Lasch / Ursula Ponn


Doris Lasch and Ursula Ponn's 8 super-8 projections is based on the staging of small, almost insignificant gestures, which create a pattern of repeated actions. Their work does not reveal any link between the presentation of actions and expressionism of the gesture, any emphasis on attitude. Quite the opposite, the strategy of repeating cyclically calls up the memory of the dance, the minimal - defining the paradox of triggering a latent perversity in the minimalness.

The performance by Stefanie Seibold with Tara Casey starts with a video that shows a fragmented view on an all-woman club scene, and continues with a rap-version of a theory text performed by the Brussels based performer Tara Casey about the (im)possibility of a female gaze. The performance is a meditation on sameness and difference (on the explosive differences in assumed sameness) and on the passions filmic identification can unleash when an image surrenders to its afterimage.

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